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Rad, it has been over 7 months since I have updated this site. I'm awesome, what is cool is that it has been that amount of time since I have shaved, so that's cool. In the coming months this site is going to be completely revamped. When I get the time that is. FD is on tour right now with The Rend. The just released a 5 song split sampler with them as well check it out


Yeah it would be rad if the retards putting the freakin' 300 a nonsense guestbook post would stop that shit. If I find out would it is and they are within reaching distance I will kick you in the balls. Anyway I'll just delete the fuckers anyway. The boys are still looking for a bass player, but are not sweating it much. They continue to practice and work on new material. The new year will surely bring good things to FD. Happy freakin' Holidays -Tyler


If you didn't see it on the official FD site they no longer have a bass player. Just a miner setback, they are still going into the studio to record soon and I'm sure a new bass player will not be hard to find. Have a good Turkey eating day! -tyler


Hello FD friends, I updated the Video section. Added a show from July. Enjoy! -tyler


Yo added a guestbook to the ole' site. check it out


Whoa, yeah the site has been down for a damn long time. I've been too busy with school. I did get a video up, it is a motion graphics project that I did for a class a while back. -Tyler


Well I guess I lied, I said the site would be updated a lot but this is my first update in almost a month. Hey I'm busy. This is a big update. For me at least, i'm now implementing a PHP backend. I realize this means nothing to those of you who aren't fellow web developers, but I'm excited. Anyway FD is currently officially on break.They played a hell of a show on July 2nd at the Creepy Crawl(video up soon) and Another on July 16th at the Midwest Music Pit. I got to see the new bass player Steve play on the 2nd, and he is a beast. They are now hard at work on new material.


welcome to the first Final Drive Fansite on the web. i'm very excited about working on the site and will make it the best I can for me and for the band.

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